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The Royal Rundown on Cleopatra’s Children- Mental Floss

Very few historical figures have captured the cultural imagination like Cleopatra. Less, however, is remembered about the four children she had.

10 Facts About King Arthur, the Legendary Ruler of Camelot Mental Floss

Whether it’s been on stage or screen, in literature and comics, or inspiring kings and politicians, the legend of King Arthur has continued to evolve across generations. Yet despite his legendary status, there’s little evidence to suggest the man existed at all.

2021 Emmy Nominations: Biggest Shocks and Surprises – Shuffle Online

Nominations for the 73rd Emmy Awards went ahead on July 13, with the nominations being a usual mix of the expected, surprising (and baffling).

The Family of Henry VIII: An Allegory of the Tudor Succession (circa 1572).

 What Happened to Henry VIII’s Children? – Mental Floss

The events of the Tudor dynasty have enthralled the public for centuries, none so more than the dominating reign of Henry VIII.For Henry’s three surviving legitimate children, their father’s turbulent reign shaped their lives dramatically. Ultimately, each of them reigned and made their own mark on history

20 Fun Facts About Ted Lasso Mental Floss

With its winning combination of heart and humor, Ted Lasso is essentially the TV equivalent of a hug. To celebrate its upcoming second season, here are some fun facts about the show.

10 Surprising Facts About HBO’s Succession Mental Floss

As fans await a premiere date for the eagerly anticipated season 3 of HBO’s Succession, here are some fascinating facts about the show.

2021 Golden Globes: TV PredictionsShuffle Online

The 78th Golden Globes are going ahead on the 28th February. Here are my predictions of who should win and who will win in each of the TV categories.

How The Great’s Ending Sets Up Season 2 – Digital Spy

The season finale of Channel 4’s The Great depicts the culmination of Catherine’s planning, yet, as always in this show, nothing happens like you think it will.

What Happened to Queen Victoria’s Children? – Mental Floss

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had nine children. Their lives were packed with enough scandal and drama to make “The Crown” seem positively dull.

Breaking Down the 2021 Golden Globes TV Nominations- Shuffle Online

True to form, the Golden Globe TV nominations were part expected, surprising and chaotic.

2021 Golden Globe Nominations TV Predictions- Shuffle Online

After a few months of delays, the 78th Golden Globe Nominations are finally upon us.

Best TV Episodes of 2020 – Shuffle Online

Television has always been a comfort, but this year it was a tonic.

The Queen’s Gambit Doesn’t Need a Season Two – and Here’s Why – Digital Spy

Every chess player needs to learn when to resign with grace.

“Ted Lasso” Is The Tonic That 2020 Needs – Shuffle Online

On paper, “Ted Lasso” shouldn’t work. Yet this funny and endearing AppleTV+ series is the strongest comedy debut of the year.

The 10 Best “Gilmore Girls” Episodes – Shuffle Online

It’s been 20 years since the residents of Stars Hollow arrived on our screens, so to celebrate I thought I’d rank my favourite episodes of the show.

Best TV Episodes to Watch This Halloween – Shuffle Online

There’s no shortage of Halloween content to watch at time of year, and television is no exception, whether it’s providing spooky aesthetics or silly costumes.

Emmys 2020: Award Ceremony Recap – Shuffle Online

The 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards were led by Jimmy Kimmel in an empty Staples center during a virtual ceremony that reminded everyone what a bizarre year 2020 has been.

Emmys 2020: Limited Series Predictions – Shuffle Online

Let’s explore who will win, who should win (and who’s a dark horse) in the Limited Series categories.

Emmys 2020: Comedy Series Predictions- Shuffle Online

Let’s explore who will win, who should win (and who’s a dark horse in the Comedy Series categories.

Emmys 2020: Drama Series Predictions – Shuffle Online

Let’s explore who will win, who should win (and who’s a dark horse) in the Drama Series categories.